What can you do for me?
The short answer is that I can help realize your idea(s). But just a few examples: illustrations, (children’s) books, birth announcements, greeting cards, logo & identities and so on. 

Do you still edit photos?
Sorry, but no.

I would like to hire you, what are your prices?
This depends on who you are, what you need, what it’s going to be used for and how much work it is to create. Have a look at the price list to get a general idea and feel free to send me and email for a quote. 

I changed my mind and I want something different, is that ok?
If we’ve already been working together and I’ve created something for you, it’s ok to have a new idea, but you will have to pay for the design you don’t want to use: I’ve put time in to create it. 

Are the designs only for business use?
No, of course not! You can use it for you business, a personal project or if you feel like it, turn it into wallpaper. After you’ve bought the design, you can do you like*. 

I'm so happy with the sketches, can I start using them right away?
I wouldn't recommend that. The sketches are low quality and include my ©. You will receive high quality files after payment, these are better. 

What do you do with my information?
I respect your privacy. The personal information you provide is highly confidential. This information will only be used to for our collaboration and under no circumstances shared with third parties without your explicit permission (for example your address when ordering printed matter). 

What about the copyright?
This stays with me. But I’m giving you (exclusive) permission to use the design. This means I will not resell it or use it for something else. It is possible to transfer the copyright, but this will cost extra. 

Are all designs one of kind?
When I create something for you I will not use it for something else. But do keep in mind I have my style and draw in a things in a certain way, so there might be similarities. This does not apply to the ready made baby cards, these can be sold more than once.

I'm not satisfied with the design, can I get a refund?
That’s really a shame, but I can’t do that. I can’t check if you’ve used for something and you’ve given you final approval, so I can’t give refunds. Contact me and we could look at it together to see if we can’t make it better, but this will cost extra. 

I have no idea what to do with the files, can you help me?
Of course. If you have questions, you can always contact me. But you could also try to Google your question, for example “How to upload a picture on Facebook” or “How to make an image smaller in Photoshop?”. There are lots of tutorials online.

The printer says the files are wrong, can you correct them for me?
If you’ve told me what printer you’re going to use, I should have supplied you the correct file. But I’m only human, so mistakes can be made, so yes of course, I will correct it, just send me an email.

How do I pay?
After you’ve given you final approval, you will receive an invoice from me, you can find my bank account number on there. You can use this to transfer the money (don’t forget to mention the invoice number). But it’s also possible to pay via Paypal. If you would like this, let me know and I will put the necessary information on the invoice. 

What about the taxes/VAT?
This depends on where you live and how you file your taxes. I normally charge 21% VAT, as is required in the Netherlands.

Why don't you do consultation by phone?
Because my work hours are very irregular. It doesn't happen often that I actually work from 9 to 5. I also just prefer email. We both take a minute to think about what we want to say and if necessary, we can read back. 

We run a print on demand website and think your designs would be a great fit, can we contact you?
Sure! I’m always up for fun collaborations, feel free to send me an email.

* Note! The copyright stays with me, so you can't do EVERYTHING with it. For example you can't change or sell it without my permission.

about ankepanke

I often get questions about how I work, what my inspiration is, etcetera. So here are a bunch of answers. Can't find the one you're looking for? Feel free to send me a message! I'm a big believer of being part of the 'sharing community', so if possible, I'll share. These answers are mostly personal, but if you want to know more about running a webshop or designing, you can also look at all the blogposts I wrote with tips here.

What does 'ankepanke' stand for?
My first name is Anke and my sister used to say 'anke, panke, stanke' to me (translation: anke, panke, you smell). When I decided to start with ankepanke and I registered with the Chamber of Commerce I had to come up with a name and this came to mind. I decided to leave the 'stanke' out ;)

What computer do you have?
I was lucky, I grew up with Mac's. The 'downside' is that I really can't work wit PC's. Which one is better is, is personal. I think depends on what you're used to. All creative programs are available for both PC and Mac and exchanging files is not a problem anymore. But to be honest, I'm not really objective, I <3 my Mac. I have an iMac with a 27" screen (which is great, because I also use it as a television). Sometimes I'd love to get a Mac Pro, because my computer sometimes has trouble dealing with heavy files, but I just don't have the budget.

Mouse or tablet?
I have great respect for people who can draw with a mouse! I can't. But luckily I've had a Bamboo Wacom A5 tablet for years, I don't even use my mouse anymore (not even for normal browsing on the internet)! Someday I'd like to get a Cintiq (tablet that also shows the screen), but for now I'm really happy with my Wacom.

What programs do you use?
It depends on what I'm doing, but my all-time favorite is Adobe Illustrator. I love that vector files can be sized as large or small as you like, without it losing quality (as opposed to pixels). I edit pictures and use texture-effect in Adobe Photoshop and graphic design (like creating a flyer, combining images with text) in Adobe InDesign.

Buying programs can be quite an investment, but I use the alternative Adobe offers: Creative Cloud. This is a sort of subscription where you choose a package and you buy the latest versions of the programs for an X amount per month. Eventually it's probably more expensive, but the big advantage is that you always have the latest versions, so you never have to buy new ones (so maybe it's not more expensive in the end?). It depends on what programs you use (most), but I have the business package, this is €49,99 p/m and I believe all creative programs are included.

Other programs I regularly use:
- Adobe Acrobat (edit PDF files)
- Pages (so much better than Word!!)
- Type 3.2 (create fonts, you can buy it here)

What is your process?
It varies, sometimes I start with pen and paper, but often right away on the computer. At the Art Academy they told you always starts with a concept, but my designs aren't necessarily have deep (just making 'fun stuff'), so if you do, great! But I rarely do.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
That's different every time, I always keep my eyes open (I don't really have a choice in the matter, this happens automatically), so it's often something I see, but sometimes my brain makes a connection between 2 things and that's how something grows. What also regularly happens is that I want to create my own version of something, that's how the girlfriend cards were created. Or I see something 'missing' in the market, so I create it. That's how I thought of the friendsbook for grownups.

What also really works well when you're not inspired, is just to start drawing. Don't think, just put pen to paper. There's gonna be a lot of crêpe, but don't get discouraged by that. It's has happend quite often that I accidentally created something I liked like that.

What do you use to doodle?
Sometimes I start with pencil (if I'm not sure about the shape, or it's the first time drawing that subject), but usually I immediately start with pen. My all-time favorite is the Pilot Fineliner. This created nice black lines and dries quickly (so no smudging). I do have to add that when I start with a new pen, I first cut off the tips I immediately get a nice thick line.

I've had several sketchbooks over the years, but the one I'm using now I like very much: Moleskine Plain Notebook XL Softcover. It's not to big or small, had a flexible cover and the paper is soft and not bright white. The only downside is that the fineliner bleeds too much through the paper, so I can use both sides (without it being annoying or still allowing to be scanned), but I can live with that. If it's not important, I'll use both sides, it it is, I'll 'waste' a page-side.


What's the difference between a personal and commercial illustration/pattern?
It depends on what you're going to use it for, whether you're going to make (in)directly money with it. If so, it's a commercial illustration/pattern. 

In what program do you work?
Almost everything I created, was made in Adobe Illustrator. This is a vector drawing and the best quality you can get. You can scale it as large or small as you like, without it ever losing quality. 

In what styles you do work?
Digital clean, digital drawn, digital handmade and handmade.


Are all designs one of kind?
Yes! When I'm designing something custom for you, I will not offer it to someone else. But I do have a specific style, so there could be similarities with other designs. 

Can you help me with the printed matter?
Yes of course, that won't cost you extra. But keep in mind that I'll only do it for you the first time, so maybe you want to give it a go yourself, so you can also do it in the future. 

Why will I receive a separate invoice for the printed matter?
Because everyone has different requirements, need different a amount and maybe have favorite printer. So we'll talk about what you want and I will order the printed matter for you. The invoice will be exactly the same as the printers.

Why don't you design websites?
Because it's not in my set of skills. I'd be happy to help you with the overall design, but can't actually build it for you. 

Why don't you supply editable files?
Stationery I haven't found a good way to create stationery that can be integrated into a word-file, so you'll have to or first print a blank of your letterhead or have a stock printed at the printers.

Business card This is actually possible, I can supply a editable Photoshop-file, but you'll need the program to be able to edit it.


File types
The biggest difference is that JPG, PNG and GIF files are for online use and consist of pixels. PDF, EPS, AI and PSD are for printed matter and are created from vectors (except for PSD, these are also pixels).

  • JPG mostly used for photos.
  • PNG stays really sharp, suitable for images that consists of graphics. Also used to create transparent images (for example, if you place this on a pattern background, it won’t have a white frame around it).
  • GIF similar to PNG, suitable for designs that consists of graphics. Also used to create moving images.
  • PDF most asked for file by printers. In a PDF you can combine vector + pixel design to create a whole.
  • EPS + AI original vector files, created in Adobe Illustrator. The files can be scaled as large or small as you like, without losing quality.
  • (layered) PSD Adobe Photoshop file, here you can combine vector + pixel files. A layered PSD file with text can be edited (in Photoshop).

When I'm done with your identity design, you will receive a list of all the colors that were used.

  • PMS are ready-made printer colors, the abbreviation stands for Pantone Matching System. Think neon colors and gold, you can’t create these with the ‘standard’ mixing colors. You have more posibilities, but it's also more expensive.
  • CMYK are standard printer colors and are used when something’s printed full color. The abbreviation stands for Cyaan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (=black).
  • RGB are the colors you see on your computer. The abbreviation stands Red, Green and Blue.
  • #/Hex colors are for online use. These are the codes you can fill out when you’re creating a website or in the HTML. For example, the orange of my icon is #f08d19. This website is useful to view and choose colors.

When you're sending something to the printers and the design has to be as big as the paper, there has to be bleed added. This is (for example) 3 mm extra of the image, so they can print it and then cut it away, so it won't have white edges. 

I spend time and energy on a design, so it’s my property. I decide what happens to it and always have the right to say something if I don’t agree (my own interpretation, check out Wikipedia for more information).

Royalty free
You can't just pick an image from Google and use this as a logo. Behind every creation, there’s someone who made it and this person always keeps the copyright (exceptions are for example images from stock-websites, here you can buy the right to use them image). So carefully check this when you want to use an image or font.

webshop set

How much does it cost?
If you'd order that all separately (for example over a period of time), it sums up to € 550,00, but if you buy the set it's € 400,00. That's a 37% discount! (prices without tax) When you start out, you need to be careful with your budget but you do want it to look good, with this set that's possible!

What's in the set?

  • Logo (and Icon) Of both designs vector (AI) files, 300 and 72 dpi JPG and 72 dpi transparent PNG's. An icon is a simpler version of a logo, for example an illustration or the first letters of the name. This is very suitable to use as profile picture on social media.
  • Social media set 72 dpi JPG files of Facebook + Twitter cover and profile picture.
  • Business card Double-sided PDF print-ready file, according to the specification of your choice of printer. Standard size 55 x 88 or if you want something else (for example square), that's possible too of course.
  • 'Thanks for your order' card Double-sided PDF print-ready file, according to the specification of your choice of printer. Size can be whatever you like, for example A6 like a postcard or square.
  • Banner 72 dpi PNG with the same width of your website layout. Depending on the background, this will be transparent or not (see Durf te Stempelen's website for example, the twine and logo are transparent on a kraft repeating background).
  • Social media icons (Transparent) 72 dpi PNG files in the colors of the rest of the identity. You can of course get the standard icons, but this way your website will look professional and a complete picture.
  • Fav icon 72 dpi ICO file of the icon. You can set this at most shop providers. This is shown next to the url in your browser and as icon when people save your website.
  • Shipping/payment options illustration (Transparent) 72 dpi PNG files. Complete the design by including the shipping and payment information on your homepage (or sidebar) in the style of the rest of the identity.

How does it work?
We start with the logo, this is the base of the identity. From there we continue with the rest. Read a general description of my work process over here.

I only need a few of the items of the set, can I get a special price for that?
No, this is an all or nothing deal. If you for example only need a banner and business card, I will charge the normal price for that.


How does it work?

  1. Choose the design you like and email me. Include a link to the page or an image with the email. Also let me know your wishes/changes* in the email.
  2. I will email you a small example within 1-3 days.
  3. If needed, you can ask for edits.
  4. When you're happy, you give me your final approval.
  5. (if applicable) You email me a high quality photo you want on the design. If it's too heavy for email, use WeTransfer to send it.
  6. I will email you the files within 1-3 days (or when the little one arrives).

* Of course the info has to change, but also think of colors, fonts, etcetera.

Are the designs one of kind?
This depends on what design you choose. If you choose a ready-made design, then no. But of course this will be changed to your wishes. If I create a custom design for you, then yes. I will not create the same design for someone else.

What about the printed matter?
When you give me your final approval, please also let me know at which printers you are planning to print the cards, so I can supply you with the correct files (following their guidelines). But if you prefer, I can also help you with the printed matter. Let me know what you're want and I will look for a fitting printer. Note! The price on the pricelist does not include printing costs.

Why will I receive a separate invoice for the printed matter?
Because everyone has different requirements, need different a amount and maybe have favorite printer. So we'll talk about what you want and I will order the printed matter for you. The invoice will be exactly the same as the printers.