logo + identity

An identity always starts with a logo, this is the base.You will be plastering this on pretty much everything that has something to do with it. It’s important that it looks nice and people will remember it, conveys your desired message and most important: makes you happy. Logo designs come in all shapes and sizes and maybe you’ll need various versions for different purposes (like a long banner for a website and square-sized for an icon).

Various logo designs.


Do you sell things on the internet? Or are you planning to? Especially for you, I offer a starterskit with everything you need to get started. Also really suitable for when you need a restyling and want to change everything in one go.

General Logo (and Icon), Social media set, Business card and 'Thanks for your order' card. For the shop Banner, Social media icons, Fav icon and Shipping/payment options illustration. Find more information over here.

flyer + promo (post)card

A flyer is a great, non-expensive way to promote your business or shop. Highlight a sale or just let know you're out there. Important is that the design is good, so people won't throw it away without even looking at it. A great alternative to a flyer is a card, because real mail is so much more fun.


When you have a website or blog, you need a banner. This is at the top of the browser and it has to intrigue the visitor in one glance.

social media

If you have a business or shop, you can't not have an online presence and a good way to promote it, is using social media. This has to have the same feel as your own website, within the restrictions of their template.


When you promote your business, it's important it suits your appearance, assortment and target audience, each business has their own ways to do that.

These are just a few examples, depending on your budget, the possibilities are endless (and even with a limited budget, there are always creative solutions). Would you like to brainstorm about something original to promote your business? Email me and we'll talk!