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Hi! I'm Anke also known as ankepanke and I'm a Dutch designer. I was born in the summer of 1981 and I live in the south of the Netherlands with my sweet BF and in a not too distant future also 2 kittens. I’m always doing something creative. Really: it’s my job, but also how I relax. I love to design/do: illustration, simple logo designs and complete identities, doodling, lettering, surface patterns, inspire people, design for children and for some reason I can't stop drawing cats.


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Little Themes Studio / Logo + Business card
Thank you for the designs and all your patience. You really captured the essence of the business and what I wanted the image to be: something fun, that summarizes everything just looking at it.

Sien en Co / Restyling identity
It was time to change my logo. It had to change from a sweet bunny to a clear Sien and Co logo, recognizable, sweet and mostly happy. And that where Anke more than succeeded! she knew exactly how to translate my thoughts and ideas into an awesome logo. I basically approved the first draft. Anke and I chatted and she rapidly created a perfect color scheme. The items after that were also created quickly. I am very satisfied and will definitely be back for more beautiful things!

Yvette & Cock / Birth announcement
We are incredibly happy with our birth announcements and only received great reactions!! Thanks so much for the service and beautiful design, it fits perfectly with our sweet girl.

Corine & David / Birth announcements + Moving card
Hooray, a baby on the way! A good reason to have a special birth announcement designed, we thought. That's why we asked Anke to shape our wishes (‘something with the map of Amsterdam, nice big letters, and anything with a balloon '...) and our ideas. No problem for Anke. In no time we received a first draft in the mail. Anke is fast, clear and the contact is really easy. She only needs half a word. And so we had a wonderful birth announcement for our daughter Olivia. Then we asked Anke move to create a moving card for us. This too was beautiful and exactly as we wanted. Anke had also drew us, including me with big belly, because two baby was on the way. And... you guessed it... the birth announcement of sister Louise was also designed by Anke! Anke is a creative, lovely person, she thinks with you, works fast and just needs half a word.

Jippiez / Restyling identity
Because of a new name for the shop, I wanted to have a new identity designed and this time by a professional designer. I ended up at Anke and I'm so happy! She can empathize and only needs a few words. She is professional, works fast and has good tips. The responses have been nothing but positive, "Fits right with your shop and who you are." Anke I admire your talent, thanks!

Liefs van Lotte / Identity
I am so happy that I chose ankepanke as a designer for Liefs van Lotte. I didn’t know exactly what it should look like, but I know a few things: It had to be special and cool. And that succeeded! The interaction between Anke - the creative person with style - and myself - the ideas person - has led to a final result, that to me once again confirms that 1 plus 1 can really be 3. In the beginning, we Skyped a few times. For me it was nice to get know Anke better and build a relationship of trust. Now, we mainly email and I notice that we’ve developed a wonderful way of working together. Usually a word is enough. I notice that Anke can empathize really good even though we communicate by email. I think that's really very clever. Meanwhile, Anke has also designed the logo for my other business Angela Trouwt uit Liefde voor de Liefde. And I am really, really pleased with that too. Exactly what I was looking for! Tip: ankepanke also sits on Instagram where she shares her creations every day and posts Daily Anke’s. The latter are really super funny. Recommended!

De kartonnerie / Infographic
Anke, thanks again for a lovely collaboration! You only need a few words to create a fun and clear illustration for my concept '1-2-3 design you own handmade stationery'. Even with a mini-me! I receive lots of great comments about it!

ESPjr / Illustration
Working with Anke was an ease; In 2014 I commissioned her to develop a "Pierrot Grenade" (a traditional Trinidad & Tobago carnival character) for an ongoing series my children's multimedia brand - ESPjr. Anke's style worked perfectly for my audience, capturing the vibrancy and bringing this colourful character to life. I highly recommend adding her talent to any project and will definitely work with her again!

Roxanne Brouwers Design / Illustrations
For Geluksroute045 I worked with ankepanke on the program booklet. Anke created beautiful illustrations that fitted well with the cheerful look of Geluksroute045. Anke works professional, fast and creates quality. During the collaboration Anke had free range in her style and she knew exactly how to create illustrations with the right feeling. I hope I can work together with ankepanke more often in the future.

High teeth / Identity + Illustrations
When I got the idea for High Teeth (a website for kids who change teeth) I knew there had to be a good design. Something that would appeal to both children and parents. I let several designers translate my idea and Anke jumped out above the rest. She had such a great idea and I was immediately enthusiastic and decided to work with her. In addition to this fantastic design, which undoubtedly helped to the success of High Teeth, it's also nice to work with Anke. She clearly indicates when she have time to work on something, shows initiative, listens carefully to your needs and uses reasonable prices. I absolutely recommend Anke!